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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Columbus Vessels

Here are the links to Columbus Vessels. Please click here to know more. Click here for more information.

Thursday, October 15, 2009


I learn about explorers. Please click here to know more about Columbus.

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Monday, April 28, 2008

Video Sharing

Sorry It was a late submission. I got lots of work in school and I was ill for a couple of days. The weather in Jakarta was not so friendly these day. Very hot in the morning till noon and rain at the afternoon until late night. Anyway, I have visited youtube, teachertube and I found the teachertube friendly user and useful for teachers. I used one video on ecosystem from teachertube to teach my student on how the ecosystem works. I uploaded the movie that I took during my robotic class to is also friendly user with some additional tools to link to other network media, for example blog. Well, I consider that this article is not finished yet. I still want to explore more on the topic, since I find it interesting to utilize it in my teaching. I just got the problem with uploading the movie that I took from teachertube into my blog. First I download the movie into my computer before I upload it into my blog. Both downloading and uploading went smoothly, but the next day when I and my students visited my blog and wanted to play it, it did not work. The comment said that the video is currently not available. If anybody might know the reason why, please inform me. Thank you

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Sharing Audio

Oh well. I have started doing the assignment since last Monday. I had a problem with my microphone. Finally I managed to record my voice with the help of audacity software. I tried to export the result to MP3 but failed as I need to download the lame_enc.dll for coding the file. I finally export the file in wav format. After I was done with the recording, I tried to upload mine to odeo but it was so complicated that I finally used the switchpod. I found switchpod more freindly user than odeo. I finally uploaded the audio and you can access it by clicking here.
Podcasting is giving more information in Open Education system. Sharing an audio is a step a head of sharing an image only. Before sharing an image was a step a head of only sharing information through writing. Finally, when we could share the video, which is a combination of image and sound, we could share a lot better information to others. Since human have 5 senses in getting information from sorrounding, why don't we use all media inoder to share information to others. I agree with the article of podcast for education in wikipedia.Please click here to link to wikipedia.