Saturday, April 12, 2008

Uploading Picture

This is my new Experience in uploading picture to flickr and LeMill. I took this picture when the school assigned me in the School to School Program in November 2007. They are students of one Elementary School in Banda Aceh after the Tsunami disaster. I did some editing on it first in the Photoshop and save it in the tmp file. I signed up for Flickr and it was easy and found no problem at all. Then I visited the to put my work under the Creative Common Licenses.

And then I sign up for Lemill, luckily I have a yahoo mail besides the hotmail so the sign up ran smoothly and easily. I don't know why I think that signing for LeMill is easier than for Wikimedia Commons. I should try again to sign up to the Wikimedia Commons some other time. The process of uploading the picture in LeMill and Flickr is just the same. We need to add the title, description and tag. It was fun. I like it. I will add some more pictures later.

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