Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Effective School

If we are talking about schools, we will definitely talk about human as a main part of the school. School is a place where human being educate their young ones to be able to survive in the world later when they grow up. In prehistoric time, people taught their children how to live (to hunt, to process food, to build house, to make an outfit) in their own family or group (tribe). The knowledge on how to live prosperously and happily has already developed rapidly since the prehistoric time. The way and the tools of hunting for food has been developed. Every groups of people developed their best way to live. The communication and the interaction among group have arisen the parents to send their young ones to learn knowledge outside their home and group for some periode of time. That is the history of prehistoric schools. The strong effort to learn for a better life has encouraged parents to send their young ones out of their home and group to go to some people who have more knowledge and wisdom of life. In that sense, actually school can not be seperated from what is actually happened in the students' life daily. The curriculum shoul have been set up to enable to students to understand what life is, what problems they may face and how to solve them. In order to achieve that goals, schools should understand the nature of their students. The nature of the students are their cultural background, their ability, their interest and their family values. The three components of the student's nature will make every single schools in the world unique. Some concepts may apply generally to every schools, such as the value of respect, peace, communication, open minded and inquiry. Although some some concepts may be the same, the contents and how to implement them are definitely different from one culture to another. In order to accomodate the whole components in the curriculum, a school should invite the whole stake holders (owner, teachers, principle, students, parents, and the residents) to sit together to formulate the vision, mission and the action plan of the school. The curriculum of the school should be based on the vision, mission and the action plan which has been formulated by the stake holders. If the steps above has been done, hopely the schools will be effective. Effective school is the school which fit to the need of the owner, students, parents, teachers, principle and residents where the school is located. The process of learning will also be fun for the students, because in formatting the vision, mission and the action plan, school listens to the students need. Effective school is not an exclusive institution which is seperated from our real life. Let's make a school as a second home for our children, the sanctuary to learn wisdom of life.

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