Sunday, March 9, 2008

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Hi, I am Boni. Now I am teaching elementary students in a private school in Jakarta, Indonesia. I am taking this course because I want to know more about open educational resources. As we know that the development of the educational resources nowdays is fast. In order to get to know better and faster , I think we have to get the knowledge of what is the educational resoources provided on line. Hopefully by joining this course I will be able to update my knowledge in open sources especially in open educational resources. Because attending course abroad nowdays will take so much cost. I believe my knowing the sources, how to get there and how to share ours to others will cut down the cost with obtaining the same quality as we are attending the class abroad. Please feel freee to leave any comments in my blog concerning the open educational resources of anything related to education. Now I am also persuing my master degree in educational management. Happy learning. Chao.

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Isä said...

Hi Boni! It's good to have teachers in the group. - Teemu