Sunday, March 9, 2008

Open Education Projects On line

After I open all the open education projects on line, the five of them, they have similarities. They are open for everyone in the world to use the information available on their sight to enrich theier knowledge as well as donating their ideas to anyone in the world using the same website. In this situatiation we are asked to learn and as well as enrichment the body of knowledge that we are learning at that time. There are two simulatanious actions between learning and acting, storing and donating. I like the idea of Richard Baraniuk that the body of knowlegde or information needs to be put digitally and on web format. But the questios is how many countries in the world or how many sociities in the world that do not have PC and their PCs are not connected to internet. If Their PCs connected, how much money do they have to spend to pay the connections, as the internet connections in many developing and under developed countries is very costly. If all the world has been connected with the internet what we have now, Open Educational Resorces or the digital library or books are the best way to tranfer knowledge and information as well as developing the knowledge itself in the matter of minutes or seconds. Anothers thing is most of the open education resources do not offer certification which might be important to some of the learners as theier society need the certificates.


Peter Rawsthorne said...


In my mind you have identified the two most important issues with OER; access and credentials. I believe both will be resolved through time. Access via increasing global infrastructure and most OER content being targeted to both the web and mobile devices. Credentialism by a global institution that recognizes people and ALL their learning efforts and accomplishments.

Isä said...

Certification and credentialism are interesting questions and something we probably should think much more in the context of OERs. I believe that people should be first of all active citizens. This is pretty much in everyone’s interest.
- Teemu