Saturday, March 15, 2008

My Trip to Wikiuniversity

This is my first time exploring deeply into wiki sites. I mostly used wikipedia to search for information or theories. I honestly has not provided enough time to explore deeper this week because the amount of work in school lately was unbearable. But I have been saying to myself that I don't want to give up and I don't want my names dropped from the participant list. Besides my internet connection at home has problem. Anyway, that the situation I had this week. I am glad that I could visit some of the participants blog and read some comments to my blog. Thank you Peter and Teemu. I visited user:Exkan Yilmaz and agree with some points especially the time spent during the course which is always authomatically more than we were expecting. I also visited the learning projects about The Peloponnesian War which I have not read the details yet. And then I went back to my own user in wikiversity tried to learn how to make the project by my own. I went to user talk, guided tour (to know more about the wikiversity), browse page, major portal, school pyshology ( the topic that interest me lately), educational psychology, learning project ( wants to know how to make one), template, learning project boiler plate ( as the template of making one ?) and end up to direction. I felt confused at the first time. But by time passing and more clicks that I had done, I could feel the light on my head. I believe that I have to revisit the projects and try to find sometime to make one this week. I have made my profile done. We'll see. I'll put my best to cope with the task.

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Erkan Yilmaz said...

>learning project ( wants to know how to make one),
See also my comment at Janet's blog. I consider learning as very individual and also wide. You can make a learning project for you only and/or for others. Anything can be counted as learning, so pretty much anything can go as learning project. You just have to clear the mind to let flow the ideas (ok, sounds now as if I had some illegal substance in me - but no - I don't use these - but I hope you get the idea ?).

>learning project boiler plate ( as the template of making one ?)
yes, the Learning project template can be used e.g. on a new page when you write: {{Learning project boilerplate}} - if you want try this at the Wikiversity:Sandbox (the playground for testing). And then after saving, you fill the info in what you want to be.

>learning projects about The Peloponnesian War
We had yesterday (Saturday) a meeting. Today in the evening we will also do a meeting online. If you want, feel free to join. More info here (spontaneous idea yesterday to redo the meeting today, normally we do this Saturdays).