Sunday, March 30, 2008

Copy Rights & Free Cultural Works

I visited some sites on the topics. I visited wikipedia and read about copyright and its history. I also visited about approved cultural works, licence your work,, leemil on learning resources and copyright by hans poldoja. Honestly they are quite a lot definition under the tittles. But by reading those I know so much new knowledge. Good for me. I agree with the the sentence written on the saying "The easier it is to re-use and derive works, the richer our cultures become". It means that all the people in the world got the equal rights to use and develop cultures. There is no barrier of nation, relegion and cultures. But actually there is still a barrier of the technology mastery. If all the works which are free, are digitalized, only the groups of people who has the technology can access them. The poor people and not "educated" ones could not get an access to the information and knowledge. But It doesn't mean that the non "educated" or "poor" can not contribute or do not have anything to contribute. They might have a certain wisdom that we don't get from the formal education. There is still a gap. The format of digitalization will be the barrier of the freedom. This fenomena will also create an exclusiveness in our global village. The copyrights nowdays is bring the economic to run besides of the negative access of broaden the gap between the wealthy /powerfull group of people and the unfortunate/powerless group of people. If the free cultural works will enrich our cultural, will it also make the engine of economy runs at the same time?. For example, in the future there will not be any publishing company which print and publish books.


Erkan Yilmaz said...

Hello B.D.P.,

thank you for your interesting posting. After reading about licences: did you think about under which licence do you want to release your posts ? I probably missed this info in your blog.


Isä said...

"or example, in the future there will not be any publishing company which print and publish books."

I think there will be books and things printed in a future, too. New things hardly ever, at least in a short time, replace any of the old things. The new things are simply add to the collection of the old things.

Because there will be books there will be also publishing companies - I hope. They will operate differently but they will publish books and thing on paper, too.

- Teemu